We had the most fun celebrating this year's Citizen Science Day, together with a bunch of our citizen science friends: SciStarter, MalariaSpot, Foldit, Mozak, mark2cure.org, crowd.cochrane.org, Etch a Cell, Dekodoku, ScienceAtHome, Phylo, CitSciScribe and others!!

On April 14, we announced the CitSciDayHERO challenge and invited you all to participate in the said citizen science projects, including our own Stall Catchers and collect citizen science badges... and here's how you did:

Over 200 badges issued to 61 earners across projects πŸ’ͺ AND we have 12 CitSciDay Heroes !!!

We can't name them all (seeking permissions!), but here's some of them:

πŸ† Nikolaos Sideris Who collected the ==most badges== of all participants - 15!! (out of 22 available ones in the [Citizen Science Badges project](https://www.badgecraft.eu/auto/join/80b35e51-97af-461b-ad87-880ac2ecb52f))
πŸ… Michael Landau Among other things - a ==super catcher in Stall Catchers==, who doesn't miss any of our challenges! Michael also provided lots of useful feedback regarding claiming badges from the other projects.
πŸ… Michael Capraro Another ==super [catcher](https://stallcatchers.com/main#)== and [startdust@home](http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/) veteran - who provided loads of useful feedback on making the instructions for claiming badges easy to follow for everyone!
πŸ… Sven Michael Holst A fellow [catcher](https://stallcatchers.com/main#) AND ==one of the first participants to claim the CitSciDayHERO title==!!
πŸ… Christiane de Becker ==One of the all-time top 5 [catchers](https://stallcatchers.com/main#)== and an active participant in all our challenges!!

And many more!!

The fun is not over!

To begin with, you can continue to claim the project badges by providing evidence of your participation in each of them! Here's the available ones after today:

You will have to register on BadgeCraft if you haven't yet, to be able to access the Citizen Science Badges project and view/claim the badges. Find the step-by-step to claiming badges here.

In particular, the SciStarter's Mission for Citizen Science Day is still going until May 14! So if you've been claiming your badges in the SciStarter Explorer track, you can also compete for additional certificates and prizes via your SciStarter dashboard!! See all details and participate here.

AND You can continue to spread the word about #CitSciBadges or #CitizenScience in general on social media, and claim your CitSci Village-Crier badge! More info here

What happens with the badges you earned?

They will forever remain in your digital possession! Use them to prove your participation in citizen science projects, brag to your friends about your completed missions, and share them on social media!! You can do all of those things through your Badge Wallet on desktop or the Android or iPhone app.

With time, we might extend the Citizen Science Badges projects to add new badges that prove not only participation, but particular contributions made or skills and knowledge gained in the different citizen science projects.

We might also include more projects, and run more challenges, so keep an eye out for the CitSciBadges news on this blog!!

That's that for now... Thank you all for participating, and looking forward to more fun with Citizen Science Badges πŸ… soon!