Haven't had a chance to complete all the #CitSciDayHERO missions yet? No problem - you now have time until Monday, April 23, 9am ET!

We've been having lots of fun this week, and issued over 200 citizen science badges to 55 earners across different projects. With 24 badges still in progress, and plenty of people in the running for the ultimate CitSciDayHERO badge, we decided to extend the fun for one more weekend!

The step-by-step to claiming your citizen science badges was posted here previously. But here's the quick version:

If you're not registered yet, you will have to do so to see the badges.

Step 2. Completing the missions:
Earn 3 out of 7 badges for these projects*:

Stall Catchers, MalariaSpot, Foldit, Mozak, Mark2Cure, Cochrane Crowd, Etch a Cell

Earn 3 out of 7 badges for these games:

Stall Catchers, MalariaSpot, Foldit, Mozak, Decodoku, Quantum Moves and Turbulence by ScienceAtHome, Phylo

Earn 1 out of 8 badges for these SciStarter projects:

Stall Catchers, CitSciScribe, iNaturalist, Globe at Night, CitSci.org, CoCoRaHS, Project Squirrel, Stream Selfie

* all details on earning project badges can be found in this post.

Step 3. Once you complete all three missions and collect the mission badges, click here and claim your CitSciDay HERO badge!

Have fun !!! 🏅 And (don't) get too addicted ... 😇

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties claiming your badges, you can email us or tweet at us at any time, or inquire on our forum!