Catchathon is a catching marathon of the Stall Catchers citizen science game. Teams from all over the world join forces at the same time to catch stalls and speed up Alzheimer's research!

Catchathons used to be based on live meetups, held at local pubs, libraries schools etc. These days it would take place exclusively online, but with live Zoom hangouts and regular updates we can make it just as fun and interactive! ;)

If you're new to Stall Catchers, here's a short video intro:

How to take part in a catchathon?

  • We try to hold catchathons every year, so look for announcements on our blog and social media.
    You can also hold your own catchathon - find more info below*.
  • To participate, create a team on Stall Catchers & rally your friends, family or your office, school, retirement community... *everyone* to join!
    Find team creating instructions here.
  • Prepare for the event. Here's the general step-by-step guide. And depending on the type of a participant you are (e.g. a library or a school team), we can provide all the materials & guidance that you'll need - just drop us a note at info [at] stallcatchers [dot] com, and we'll get back to you!
  • Arrange a time with your to join the catchathon. Sometimes catchathons run for just a few hours, although often we try to make it run at least 24 hours, so everyone from around the globe can find a time to join!
  • Connect with your team via a live chat or another medium that helps you connect and catch together. Then head to, and just catch! You will be able to track your team's standing in the leaderboards on the site.

* If you like to organize a completely separate catchathon for your community, you can do that any time you like! Just let us know at info [at] stallcatchers [dot] com, and we will set up a special challenge for you on the day you choose. As well as help you with the preparation and spreading the word about your event!

Here's some flashbacks the catchathons that we have organized:

And article about our inaugural Catchathon in 2017 on SciStarter's Blog:

Invite to our inaugural Catchathon in 2017:

Invite to our Catchathon 2018:

Invite to our Megathon (mega-catchathon!) in 2018: