April has come and it's full of activities. We are happy to share with you our April activities, an itinerary that will have us traveling from different parts of the world... and you can join us too! Check our online activities and, if you are in Denmark, come say hello to us at the Open Citizen´s Day in Steno Museum during the Danish Science Festival.

April 7: World Health Day

April 9: Empowering girls in STEM

We’ll be part of “Expanding Your Horizons” at Cornell. This conference provides a hands-on opportunity for girls in grades 7-9 and their parents to learn about careers involving mathematics, science, and engineering. Meet us at our workshop “Help Cure Alzheimer's Disease!”

EYH at Cornell is entirely run by volunteer graduate students seeking to increase the representation of girls and adolescents in STEM fields.


April 12-15: Let’s talk about (and cooperate with) collective intelligence

Pietro Michelucci, HCI’s director, will be at the “Research & Development challenges at the interface of Learning and Collective intelligence” workshop, taking place at the Learning Planet Institute (LPI) in Paris.

The Learning Planet Institute pursues open, collaborative research projects to tackle the world’s health and education challenges

April 22: European Patients' Rights Day

April 24: Let´s play at the Open Citizen’s Day

Any catchers out there? Our team we’ll be in person (!!) at the Steno Museum, where all the activities are for the public to actively participate in citizen science projects, trying out different types of projects, and being able to meet and talk to the researchers behind the projects.

Foucault's large pendulum welcomes visitors to the Steno Museum

April 25-26: Hello fellow citizen scientists!

Engaging Citizen Science Conference 2022 will be interdisciplinary in scope, inviting workshops, dialogue roundtables, posters, and demos from all main areas of research. Find us at the Exploring CrowdBots workshop, and at Dialogue round table “First use no humans”.

Around the world (ok, just online activities)

Meet us at our lab!

You may already know we get the vessels images from a mouse brain, but did you know it takes five minutes to take just one picture with the microscope?! Join us as we walk through the three part series tour we prepare with Caprarom, available for anyone to watch it online.

Rapping for AI ethics

So, this is where it gets weird…Check the “Human Computation Rap”, a Research Presentation (hip hop style) by Pietro Michelucci, director of HCI, for the NIH InnovationLab: A Data Ecosystems Approach to Ethical AI for Biomedical and Behavioral Research.

Take a walk with us if you are in Ithaca, NY…

Try CrowdMeter our app developed in Ithaca to make informed choices about where to go. There, users can easily check how crowded a place is before they go and compare between different grocery stores, restaurants, or coffee shops with a simple click.

What's a video game party without pizza?

We would like to invite your school to join a Stall Catchers catchathon. Soon you will be able to apply for the Mike Capraro’s Grant (aka Pizza for you and your friends while you help us fight Alzheimer's!)