Well it wouldn't be a Stall Catchers catchathon if there weren't a few glitches... ðŸĪŠ

It seems that some people had trouble logging into the site at the beginning - but we fixed the issues now, and hopefully you are all able to continue to play! (If not please let us know via email.)

Our bot friend, GAIA ðŸĪ–, also got the stage fright and froze up right before the catchathon 😀 But she has recovered quickly, and has been catching steadily ever since! Look for a full report of how well she did after the catchathon is over.

We also weren't able to live stream the kick-off hangout, but we recorded it, and here it is:

Hear all about our science, the data that comes from Cornell University, our bot GAIA ðŸĪ– and some other bits and bobs about our team and our catchathons!

And of course, please JOIN US in the final hour hangout today at 16:00GMT (12pm ET)! We should be able to live stream it this time, so look for the link on the Stall Catchers chatbox and our social media :) AND if you'd like to join us on Zoom as a panelist, please drop us a note, and we'll send you the invite link.

And last but not least! Here's the current leaderboards... (GAIA ðŸĪ– still has some catching up to do with our super catchers! 😜)